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The Journey of Alfred Small


Old Lamp presents 'The Journey of Alfred Small', the heart-felt tale of the friendship between a reclusive, embittered old man, and a young mother attempting to escape an abusive relationship. 

Starring Philip Goldacre (The Bill), British / Nigerian Star Tayo Elesin (Law and Order UK), Dinarte Gouveia and introducing Fabian Walcot. The film was written and directed by Mike Archer; and produced by Oriana Ornithari (The Smoke) 

*Award nominated - 'Best Ensemble Cast' at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival and the Olympus Film Festival.

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In The Year...


An apocalypse survivor returns with a bag of shopping but at what cost.

Starring Luisa Guerreiro, directed by Mike Archer; this 16mm 'short' short was improvised and shot during the 2020 global pandemic and was originally conceived as a camera test for a 16mm Arriflex 16M Camera.