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About  the Show

In January 2018, Old Lamp Entertainment invited our audience to step into the underground world of The Vaults: Waterloo and immerse themselves in the sights, sounds and smells of 19th Century London. There they uncovered an object of immense power amongst the dusty relics of Cave's curio shop. Adapted for stage by Mike Archer; directed by Elif Knight and produced by Luisa Guerreiro and Rebekah Harvey for Old Lamp Entertainment Limited.


Inspired by the classic short story from H. G. Wells, the visionary author of 'The War of the Worlds'. What would you do if you knew you were being watched? Watched by someone you were not even aware was there?


Video Clips

Television Interview with 'London Live' about 'The Crystal Egg Live'

Show footage by director Elif Knight 

'The Crystal Egg Live' debuted at The Vaults Tunnels in January 2018 with the following Cast  and Creatives:


Charley Cave

Mr Wells

Mr Cave

Mrs Cave




James Parker

Anne Riley

Des Carney

Edwin Flay

Mark Parsons

Jessica Boyde

Caroline Maine

Vincent La Torre

Piers H Hunt

Mike Archer

Luisa Guerreiro


Author 'The Crystal Egg'

Adapted by


Producer Old Lamp

Co Producer 

Executive Producer Old Lamp

Stage Manager

Lighting Designer / Operator

Sound Design

Set Design

Scenic Construction

Scenic Painter

Costume Designer

Fight Director

Vocal Coach

Truck Driver

PR Agency

Pr Agent

Social Media Manager

Show Photographer

Artistic Director The Vaults

Venue Manager

Duty Manager

Bar Manager

H. G. Wells

Mike Archer

Elif Knight

Mike Archer

Rebekah Harvey

Luisa Guerreiro

Tobias Millard

Simeon Miller

David Holden

Jason Kelvin

Reis Martin

Madeline Young

Miriam King

Francis Baurad

Lottie Williams Burrell

Candido Da Silva Guerreiro

Morgan Fraser PR

Ros Fraser

Jennifer Carvalho

Miryana Ivanova

Kieron Vanstone

Ami Stidolph

Carla Tosta

Clare Madigan

The Producers would like to Thank

Equipment Hire and Support

Sound Equipment Hire and Support

Props and Set Dressing 

Rehearsal Venue

Rehearsal Venue

Historical Consultation

Funding Partner

Funding Partner

Fringe Hire

Music Room

ApocAlypse Events

Ugly Duck

Applecart Arts

The Seven Dials Trust



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