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During an unknown apocalypse, a woman returns from a shopping trip. But did she forget something?

Starring Luisa Guerreiro and directed by Mike Archer, this 'short' short was originally conceived as a camera test for a newly acquired Arriflex 16M camera. It quickly developed into a chance to do something fun and creative when faced with a global pandemic lockdown and also became Mike's first ever use of celluloid film.


Shot on a single 100' roll of 250D Kodak 16mm Film stock and using only the limited resources to hand.


Starring: Luisa Guerreiro as A Survivor

Directed by: Mike Archer

Produced by: Old Lamp


Camera: Arriflex 16M

Lens: 10-150mm Angenieux Zoom

Additional Equipment and resources: Fatlama

Film Processing and Scanning by: On8mil.

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