Missed out on that audition? Not right for that part? Can’t get an agent. They are all familiar. My name is Mike. I’m an actor; filmmaker and CEO of OLD LAMP FILMS.

If there’s one thing that I’ve come to notice, it’s that out of all the elements you are supposed to have as an actor (Headshots, Demo Reels, and CV) the Demo Reels are the one’s that consistently let people down.

So I have decided to open out my company’s editing resources, to help a limited number of actors get the reels they need – LEVEL UP if you will.

Finding the story within the clips and tying them together so they flow with ease, to create a comfortable viewing experience. To create something that brings your audience in and keeps them there until the end. If it jars you’ve lost your audience and that means casting directors, directors, producers and agents.

THINK OF YOUR REEL AS YOUR PERSONAL ADVERT – YOU HAVE 90 SECONDS TO TELL YOUR STORY, and that’s what we do. Crafting a story with your material: a story that flows. 


I’m not going to make an empty promise. Booking a job is down to your talent and a whole dollop of luck. But you can give yourself a good start. And I can help you do it.


But don’t just take my words for it. We’ve already helped a few with their showreel needs and the results speak for themselves.

“A really strong showreel, incredible quality and put together really well… a really great edit.”

Rachel B. - Agent

“Mike was able to make quick changes to my showreel, with a professional finish, he listened to what I wanted from it but also made intelligent and informed suggestions."

Bryony T. - Actress

"Mike Archer is not only very skilled but also great at storytelling. He understood my strengths as an actor and created a captivating showreel to magnify them. Couldn't be more satisfied!”

Jimin S - Actress

So what are we offering?

Our 'Showreel Level Ups' are designed to allow creatives who already have showreels and are seeking to overhaul them; or actors with a bunch of clips but no clue as to how they fit together, to work with us, to deliver a video of awesomeness, that shows you off, your talents, and your skills.

Our service costs upwards of £100. BUT WE ARE SLASHING THAT PRICE!!! Until October, we are having a massive 30% DISCOUNT. That means our full edit service is just £75 (VAT Included)

IF YOU ARE READY TO LEVEL UP YOUR CAREER PROSPECTS and get a reel that sells you best, then drop me an EMAIL:



with the subject ‘SHOWREEL LEVEL UP’


And let’s arrange a quick meeting to assess your material.


In an industry that is overcrowded, you need to level up to stand out. WHEN YOU’VE GOT 90 SECONDS TO TELL YOUR STORY...GIVE US A SHOUT!