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About the Film

Old Lamp presents 'The Journey of Alfred Small', the heart-felt tale of the friendship formed between a reclusive, embittered, old man and a young mother attempting to escape an abusive relationship. 

Alfred Small has been making the same journey for three months to the hospital bedside of his ailing wife. When he crosses the path of a young mother called Kendal, he finds himself the unwilling hero as their lives collide on the bus they are travelling on. With the barriers of old and new broken, in their new found friendship comes the comfort and closure to finally let go of the past and look to the future.


Starring Philip Goldacre (Tomb Raider Ascension) and British - Nigerian star Tayo Elesin (Law and Order UK), the film was written and directed by Mike Archer (Easy Virtue); produced by Amy Holleworth and Oriana Ornithari* (The Smoke); Costume design by Barbara Elum- Baldres (Welcome to Curiocity); Make Up design by Nina Igbino (Youth); Art direction by Emily Meech (Veneer); with Cinematography by Simon Shen (Build and American Gangster)   

*Lionshead Film Festival Dallas - Won Best Drama Short for 'Mettle'. 

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Ozark Shorts - 2016
NOMINATED - March LAIFF Awards  - Best E
Laurel Finalist Olympus BW2.png
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